Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Quickest Time to Work

Saturday morning I rode into work and made it in just over 18 minutes which I believe is the fastest yet.  Some years ago I did the same trip on my Vison recumbent in under 20 minutes.  Couple of things that worked out just right this time were that at three traffic lights I just breezed through at speed and one stop sign where I had to stop before is now a roundabout.  Mostly I ride a different route from this as traffic volume has increased making it a less pleasant ride than my alternative but early on a weekend there was almost no traffic.  I doubt that I will be able to equal this time again as hitting all the lights at speed may never happen.  The new GPS showed a top speed on on hill of over 80 kph. The Borealis V3 seems a bit faster here but I will have to take some runs with  the V2 to be sure.  I could be out a little with the bike computor on the V2 which could account for the difference.  The max elevation is 136m while the elevation loss was 175m with a elevation gain of  45m.   Too bad most of the elevation loss is right at the beginning otherwise I could coast most of the 10 km. 

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