Monday, April 9, 2012

Milan SL & Moving

Just found an interesting picture comparing the Milan SL and the Evo K.

Now the only real question for me is will I fit.  I am just a bit tall to fit at 6'2" but I am keeping my fingers crossed that my long torso and shortish legs will do the trick.  I won't be completely disappointed if I don't fit as I will still have the Milan GT to ride. 

Luckily is taking a little longer than expected to get the patterns(plugs) for the Milan as moving our shop and house has ended up taking longer than what I planned for.  Setting up the shop properly will take lots more effort as squeezing into a space a fifth the size of before is a real challenge.  When I am finally done we will have a very efficient shop that will be a pleasure to work in.  Lots of nice views to the outside and all on one level.  Before we had two levels and I was up and down quite a few times each day.  Not that I minded the built in exercise program but it eat up some valuable time each day. Our new location is on Quadra Island just a short ferry ride away from Campbell River.  As of April 20th our new phone number will be (250) 285-2154.