Saturday, June 25, 2016

New Seat for Milan SL

The seat installed in my SL. Through the holes in the pad and seat you can see the supporting foam part the seat sits on.  As this seat doesn't have ribs on the back you would probably break it without the support from the foam bit that transfers the load to the shell.  This is particularly true when getting in and out.  It does have a recess in the seat that the foam pad sits in and the edges have a flange to add some stiffness.
Seat and pad

The real pressing need for the seat is that I needed to gain a tiny bit of extra space inside the SL.  I found that riding without the one layer ventisit pad gave me enough extra room but I didn't fit the seat very well.  A few pressure points that made riding for more than short while impossible.  I built a heavy thick seat so I could remove material to change the shape. At first I just removed a small area where I had issues but after using it for while decided to add the bigger recess for the pad.  Simpler and it will fit more than just myself.  The recess is one thickness of the ventisit material so it can be used instead of the foam pad.