Sunday, April 17, 2011

Earth Day Event

A picture of the display at our local Earth Day Event.  Dave borrowed our demo for the event an I brought along my velomobile as they attact a fair bit of attention.  I rode mine up from the shop and managed to pick the only time that morning to get rained on.  When I started out it looked a bit grey but it wasn't raining.  Two kilometers down the road the sky opened up.  It looked like I was just on the edge of it so I just pressed on not that I could have put the roof on as I had left the it behind. A few hundred meters from the display it stopped.  Later in the day we were all hiding under the booth while it hailled for about ten minutes.  Only got wet around the shoulders but it cooled me off quite a bit.  Put on my sweater and jacket and it still took a couple of hours to warm up properly.  In this circumstance it would be good to have a small cover you could deploy while riding for the head opening in front of you.   I have a foam cover like this I used on the Aurora but its a bit bulky.  I may try a cloth cover as it would be really compact and light so you have it handy at all times. 

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