Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome to our new blog about velomobiles

One of the first pictures of the Borealis Version Two.

The biggest change is to the top which is now about 5 cm lower than before.  While I still just fit, this will be much better for medium and smaller riders.

I built new parts to replace the original top on mine.  The top is also a bit of an experiment as I used some Innegra and carbon fiber in the nose and the door to see if the parts could be lighter than using just Kevlar and carbon.  The nose is just 16 grams lighter using 4 oz Innegra instead of 5 oz Kevlar and it is not quite as stiff. The door actually came out considerably heavier than my original door and has some problems with distortion.  Not entirely sure what caused this but the low density of the Innegra and how it was oriented may be some of the explanation.  I am not surprised that the door is heavier as it has almost twice the thickness of Innegra in it than the thickness of Kevlar in the original door.

Version One on the left, Version Two on the right

Here you can see the difference between the tthe two versions.  


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  2. How well will Version Two fit a rider who is 6'2" and weighs 220 lbs. ?

  3. You will have lots of room for your shoulders but clearance under the door will be close. I am about your height and have about 3mm of clearance. If I measure the distance from my back to the top of my knee in about a cycling position it is 63.5 cm. If need be I would build a new door mould with small bumps for more knee clearance. Even just bringing the bumps level with the top of the bumps on the door should accomodate riders to at least 6'5".