Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ride with another Borealis velomobile

Went for a ride today with a friend.  He used our demo Borealis.  We met up at the shop and then rode to breakfast.  Had a very leisurely breakfast and then headed out for a longer ride.  We did a fairly flat route out to Pitt Meadows and back to Albion.  It is very unusual to be able to ride with another velomobile here as I mostly end up riding by myself even when riding with other cyclists.  The velomobile just has a different speed profile than regular bikes so if I want to ride with others I have to go slowly on the flatter or downhill bits and work  harder on the uphills so we are similar in speed.  We explored a couple of spots I hadn't been to lately and they were passable with a velo.  One spot if you were on a regular bike you would have had to stop and dismount while we were low enough to ride under the barrier.   I ended up with 66 km for the day.

Here's a picture of a new seat in development.

I have had this seat around for a couple of years and been slowly making changes until I was happy with how it fit me.  The original idea was to build my own highracer with an integrated seat and tailbox, but realising that I would never have time to do it, I ending up buying one instead.  The seat differs from other composite seats that have two large ridges down the back for stiffness and are pretty flat crosswise on the front.  I found that these seats never seemed to fit me well  as I seem to need a groove in the middle of the front for my back.  In the picture you can see the groove down the middle and a small stiffening flange all around the outside of the seat.  The  mould has wide flanges on it so we can either infuse it or use our proprietary bagging process.  It may well be quite a while until I get to try the seat out.  If it fits in the Borealis it could reduce the weight by a good part of a kilo and lower the COG a bit for better cornering.  In Version  2 if I end up a bit lower the Flevobike roof will work better with my helment on.  Right now I fit without touching but if I turn my head I just contact the roof with my helment. 

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