Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Borealis for Sprint trike

I have started on the plug for the new, wider Borealis that will fit on the Sprint trike. Right now the Borealis only fits the Sprint NT(narrow track) or the older QNT trikes from ICE in Britain.   After using the Borealis Version 2 a bit I have decided to incorporate most of the changes in the top to the new Borealis.  The end result will look somwhat different from the present Borealis with a slightly shorter nose and longer tail.  There may be some other changes too once I see it evolve a bit.

 Here is a picture of the new door plug.  I built it so it could be used to make a jig for trimming the door for Version 2 and then as part of the wider Borealis plug.  I am fitting the first door for the first production Borealis Version 2 and need a jig to make trimming the next one more efficient.  I am carefully fitting the door so it's taking a few hours but once its done correctly I can use the door to mark the jig.  Once I have the jig setup right, trimming any future doors will be much quicker.

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