Friday, December 3, 2010

More on Borealis for Sprint

The back top section mould about half done

The plug now only needs two more layers of mat to finish the layup of the mould.  Mat is randomly oriented glass fibers held together by a binder.  It is available in various weights depending on how much of it you want to use per layer.  We mostly use it for building moulds as there is no weave pattern to it that can print through to the mould surface. Its also the least expensive of the commonly available reinforcement materials.  It builds thickness quickly but isn't very strong for its weight as it is at least 50% resin.  The short glass fibers make it easy to get it to conform to shapes.  

The next step is to build the top front mould.  The pattern for the top front is almost ready for mould release.  Once this mould is done I can use the patterns for the back and front top to build the pattern for the door. 

One of the next posts will be about how my Borealis went on a diet and lost two and half pounds. 

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