Friday, December 31, 2010


Ended up riding 45 km yesterday.  Mostly doing a couple of errands and going for dinner at a friends.  None of the rides were very long but I got cold feet anyway.  I had thought that it wasn't quite cold enough to put the over boots on so the first couple of trips were OK as my feet only got a bit chilled.  I had a lightweight toque on under my helmet and was happy and warm at -5C.  On the last ride home at night in must have been a bit cooler as half way home I put the over boots  and some lightweight gloves on.  My hands warmed up quite nicely but the over boots just only slowed the cooling of my feet.  I ride in road shoes with a thin foam insole I added to block up the vent hole in the bottom of the shoe.  This amount of foam isn't enough so I will be adding as much thickness as I can.  I have some 5mm foam that I will try to fit in the shoes.  If this doesn't work I can always resort to riding in warmer shoes and not clip in. 

Managed to end up riding 6,000 km in the velomobile this year.  This is a considerably lower number than what I had thought I would end up at for the year.  At the beginning of August it looked like I would end with about 10,000 but that never happened. 

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