Monday, November 15, 2010

Version Two Borealis

Just about finished the first production Borealis version 2.  Here is a picture:

What is remarkable about this one one is that it has a carbon nose and door.  There is no gelcoat on these parts, for a bit of weight saving, and it looks good, too.  This may well be the best looking Borealis yet.

I have been trying out a new flange around the opening in the door.  I made up a mould for one side and now have it installed on my door.  See photo below.

I made it up in a constrasting colour so it would show up well.  There is about a 2 cm wide flange that covers the bottom edge of the door opening so now when you bump into it, it is easy on the shoulder.  Here is a picture of it from the underside.

Now we just have to do up the other side. I should have in done in a week or so. 

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