Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Other Half

Just about ready to make the second mould for the Borealis for the Sprint.  The plug has a parting flange installed along the middle as we make the bottom half in two parts.

While it is possible to bag the bottom half with the two moulds bolted together it is more reliable to do it in two separate operations and then join the parts.  The mould for the bottom half of this version of the Borealis is in two parts while the Borealis V2 is in three.  The reason for three parts was to reduce the volume for shipping however it is taking me quite a while longer to make the extra part and join the parts together.  This extra time more than offsets the saving in shipping in North America.  Should we sell some to Europe I will have to look into how we can create a smaller package by building it in more parts.

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