Tuesday, February 24, 2015

NACA pic

The NACA duct just out of the mould and trimmed up ready to be bonded in.  I suppose that you could even bond it in with silicone but I will most likely glass it in place or use a higher strength adhesive.  


  1. When I look at the NACA duct the first thing that comes to mind is what do you do when it rains? I figure you already have a solution. I'm just curious as to what it is.

  2. That was my thought too Duane. The NACA duct lets air and rain in indiscriminately. The German producer says that they have a drain for the rainwater. I'm not sure if that will do the trick, it would be nice if it did.
    My solution for ventilation under the hood is a hole at the front with a lightweight aluminium hose to the face. It's heavier than a NACA duct, but no rainwater comes in since the hose is going up and gravity makes the water flow out again.

  3. Is there any in Europe?
    I happen to go to the States once or twice a year. Where in Canada are they built?
    Are you the contact for selling the Milan in Canada?
    With my Thanks

    1. Chateau,

      Steve is in fact the builder of the Milan in Canada/North America.He is very experienced and it shows in his builds.


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