Monday, October 29, 2012

New chain covers and another ride

The new cover for the chain under the seat.  Raderwerk will send this pattern along with the patterns for the Milan SL.
The other half of the cover, this one covers the front of  rear derailleur and prevents stuff from getting caught in the chain.  I already had my repair bag slide back inside the velo and had to stop to move it.  This should also make loading gear much easier as it will no longer be able to interfer with the mechanical bits.
I have had a couple more rides in the Milan.  It feels like it has lots more potential to really zoom along.   Still quite a few details to finish up.  I am presently working on the seat moulds, small mouldings for the mirrors and signal lights.  Now that I an almost finished I can see that it will be very nice once its all done. 
Just before leaving the community centre I saw a couple of cyclists ride by heading the direction I was planning on going.  As I got going a couple minutes later I was not expecting to see them again.  It is mostly downhill for the first while and I got up lots of speed, enough that I thought about braking.  A bit of up and then some more down followed by some corners and then an uphill section where I end up in the lowest gear.  As I came around the last corner the two cyclists were just in front of me.  We all rode up the hill together and chated some.  At the crest of the hill they pedalled away to pick up some speed for the downhill.  I just coasted and was soon overtaking them, then they faded from sight behind me.  There is no point in pedalling to pick up speed at the top of this hill as it has a couple of corners where I need to brake.  Maybe as I get more used to the Milan I can just let it run but I doubt it as the road is not banked enough.  I stopped for coffee and before getting coffee there was a some crowd gathered around the velomobile. One fellow talked over and remarked somewhat touch in cheek "what are we all doing standing around looking at the Harley".  The two cyclists I passed were there taking a closer look and we all just all grinned.   

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  1. When do you think you will be able to start building them to sell?