Friday, October 19, 2012

Second Ride in Milan GT

Second ride in the Milan was to the store and back.  Fastest round trip yet.  It was about two minutes faster than the Borealis.  Most the the gain was in carrying more speed up the next hill. There is one short steep section of downhill before the first real uphill going to the store.   I was able to crest the hill in the big chainring.  The only problem with this section is that just before you reach the bottom of the hill there is a road coming in from the right.  Just a little way up from this road on the hill there is a dip which hides you from drives turning onto the road.  I am careful turning onto the road even in the car as it is hard to be sure no one is coming.   I am cautious in the velomobile approaching this intersection as the velo is lower and even harder see than a car.  If that intersection was more visible I could probably gain 10 kph.  The way it is now I can only go for after the road which only leaves a few meters of downhill to gain more speed on.  Never the less I did get to 71.2 kph and the Milan felt rock solid.  I didn't think I was going that fast but the GPS confirmed the speed.  On the way back just a ways before my driveway I was held up a bit by a car turning around.  He looked lost as he turned around in my driveway. 


  1. Thanks for sharing. I would like to take my Quest and come over and ride with you some time.


  2. Are you going to start making the Milan GT soon or will you make the Milan SL next?