Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Interior Pictues

One thing to note on the interior is that I have not painted the inside black. I like being able to see into the laminate when vacuum bagging the parts. The primary reason for painting the inside black is to hide the dirt that gets caught in the nooks and crannies of a hand laminate. The other one is to hide any tiny bubbles in the laminate. The interior surface from the wheel wells back is quite smooth from the bag. From the back of the wheel wells foward I used some peel ply to simplify bonding and deal with the bag lines due to the complex shape.  I have noticed that this area does stay as clean looking.

View of the other side. One small modification I am making is to change the rib at the back where the rear suspension bolts on. It just fits now but a bit more space so it can't rub when the swing arm moves is a good thing.
The view forward. Reverse gear is with your left foot. Before I always used my right foot but the adjustment was not difficult.  Note the wires hanging down for the brake light from the right brake lever.  I haven't added the signal/brake lights yet.   




  1. I like the light colored interior. It lets we see things instead of being all dark. I you made this one with Panzer steering. I'm not sure which steering I would want. Are you going to make the Milan with both?

  2. The Milan GT can be built with side stick steering or the central tiller. I prefer side stick as one elbow doesn't like the position I am in with the central tiller. It OK for a couple of hours but after that I can feel my elbow stiffening up. I also like the independent brakes on each front wheel.

  3. I would love to sit in a Milan clip in to the pedals and put my hands on the controls and roll down the road. It looks like a very wonderful velo full of fun.