Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mirror Fairing and Hood

The first mirror fairing.  It turned out rather well but I orignally had the a bit too far back.  You can see the first mounting hole closed off by a bolt.  
The reason for moving was that when using the hood the foward bolt holding the windshield was covering part of the mirror. 
When I came back from the first ride in the rain I sat in the velo for about ten minutes just enjoying being dry while it rained away outside.  When necessary I could pop the windshield open to see under it.  Once over about 25 kph I rode with it closed but going up hills slowly I had to open it as my breath fogged it up. 


  1. I was wondering what you were going to do for mirrors. The mirror looks really nice.

  2. Is a cool! Was wondering if you were going to have the full hood available. Crappy winter weather here really makes me think I need the full coverage. That plus the fact that I break out in hives if I get too cold. Any estimates on when you'll be going into production? (of course with curiousity about cost)


  3. I love the two tone Green/White finish, what a beautiful velo.