Sunday, November 18, 2012

Two Hoods

This is the new larger hood I can comfortably wear a helmet in. 
What it looks like from behind.  I have some thin foam attached with Velro to the back edge of the hood to add a bit of ventilation.  They are removeable so I can experiment with what works best.

Close up of the slots that control the shape and position of the visor.  To open it you just push it up with your finger.  It stays in place quite nicely at whatever position it is set at.  To close it I have a short cord attached at the bottom edge that hangs down inside.  Just pull the cord toward you and that side closes.  Pull the other side and it is closed.  The cords are still a bit of a work in process.   Maybe a small hole in the middle of the visor at the bottom edge so you just use your finger to close the visor.  The other idea is a lexan loop bolted on the bottom edge instead of the hole.  The hole even if it is small will let a fair bit on water in at speed.   
The two hoods  in an end on view.  the original hod is on the left.  The new Milan GT XL hood is on the right.


  1. i drive with the sinner hood. it has a hole in the middle. I don't like it and would prefer a hole on the side or other system.

    1. Maybe a hole that has a small piece of Lexan that can be rotated to seal the hole might be an improvement. The probelm with this is that you would always see the fastener in front of you. I don't think I will try a hole in the middle and will work out some other solution.

    2. the system works great top open and close but its alway in you vision
      the vision is the problem, not the airflow.
      i would try a hole on the side.