Wednesday, June 8, 2011

V2 Improvements

Some of the improvements on the V3 are going to be incorporated into the V2.  The new signal controller is much simpler and more robust.  It now uses relays for the signal lights and has mostly soldered connections.  The running lights can be left on or they can be turned off to conserve power as the lights come on instantly when you restore power.  Before the chip in the control module had to boot up first and this took a few seconds.  The wheel fairings developed for the V3 will fit the V2.  The bulkhead and rear fender for the V3 will also work in the V2 as they are a lighter and better way of attaching the rear of the trike to the fairing.  The new rear fender from the V3 will require some modification to the V2 mould so it will take some time to implement.

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