Friday, May 13, 2011


I finallly got to try out some magnets that have been gathering dust on my workbench at home for a few months.  Instead of using the velcro I used some magnets to do the job.   Suprise surprise they work.

In fact just the one large magnet will hold the deflector in place at 80 kph.  I added the smaller magents just in case the large one didn't quite do the job.  My source for the magnets is here,42363,42348&ap=1.

I am using the 3/4" size for the larger one and 1/2" for the smaller ones.  I have a magnet glued on to the deflector and another one glued  to underside of the door.  I will try and see if three of the small magnets have enough holding power.  If they do the next step would be to use steel washers on the underside of the door rather than more magnets and see if that still works.   The really neat part is that the deflector just jumps into place when you get it is close to the right spot.  The door looks lots better without the Velcro stuck to it. 

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