Thursday, June 30, 2011


This is one of the favorite times of year for me.  Here's a picture of why

On one of my last rides I managed to buy some fresh local strawberries.  There isn't a much better way to end a ride than with fresh strawberries and ice cream.  It took some doing to find the strawberries as the first stand I stopped at did not have any yet.  The next place as sold out till the next morning and the local larger grocery store didn't have any.  The local produce seller, my last restore did have some.  Normally at time of year the local strawberries are already finished.  This year has been very cool and wet so with no sign of summer being here yet.  I heard that this is the longest wait for summer to start of 50 years.    I was getting tried and needed a short rest before climbing the hill to home so I stopped again and picked up some beer. 

Last year when I picked up strawberries I left the box open and they were half gone before I got home. 

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