Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What does this have to do with velomobile?

The picture shows an old wheelbarrow that seems very much unrelated to anything to do with velomobiles.  It is an essential piece of equipment for my new shop in which to build velomobiles.  I am in the process of repurposing the barn at our new home into a storage facility/shop by removing the dirt floor and then replacing it with a concrete slab.  The plan is to store all our moulds and machinery in the barn while we build a new shop to work in.  The only negative so far is that Quadra Island in not too velomobile friendly being quite hilly.  There is some velomobile friendly terrain on Vancouver Island which is only a 10 minute ferry ride away.  The grocery store, post office and licquor store and  closer than they are now with more rolling terrain than the one big hill on the way home we have now.

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