Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Off to ROAM

Heading off to Portland this morning to join in the first bit of the ride across America.  They are riding from Portland  to Washington DC in month.  For more info check out  It should be lots of fun to be able to ride with a whole bunch of other velomobiles.  I will also get to see some models that I haven't seen before. 

I will pick up Aaron and his Quest and expect to arrive in Portland late in the afternoon.  I haven't been riding much so I expect to be pretty slow compared to the other folks.  If I succeed in making it to Missoula with using the SAG wagon it will be the furtherest I have ridden in a day and the furthest I have ridden in two day back to back and the furtherest for five days.  My motto will be "slow but steady", making sure I ride at my pace. 

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