Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cycling and Pedestrian Overpass

Two weeks ago on a rainy Saturday I rode over to the official opening of the Tynehead Perimeter Trail Opening, From the picture you can tell it was wet as I had the roof on the whole time.

 I almost didn't get out except there was some cake to go with the opening and a burger after.  Here's another photo of the bridge across the freeway.

This highway cuts diagionaly through the Fraser valley dividing it in two with realtively few places for cyclists to cross it.  I once rode out to Abbotsford to a kayak event and it ended up being 70 km instead of about 40 km I anticipated as I had to ride out of my way to cross this freeway.  A couple of deadends also added to the distance.

The trail around Tynehead Park is marvelious.  Five kilometers of very smooth payment and no cars to worry about.  Mind you should be carefull around pedestrians and slower cyclists.  This is one of the bigger green spaces in Surrey and will offer a nice change from riding with cars especialy when the greenways connecting it are all finished.  For more info on all this go to this  map for a map of the routes.

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