Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rob English and the Borealis

Hers's a quote for Rob English after he has had his Borealis for over a year.   This is from way back in November 2009.

" Well I've been back in the velomobile full time for several weeks now, and
just wanted to reiterate what a great job you have done with the design.
After getting a chance to ride the waw and quest at PIR I have greater
appreciation for the Borealis. No one else has managed to come up with a
good covered-head-out design, and I feel this is essential for a practical
vehicle, both for visibility and airflow. The large door makes getting in
and out easy, and the spacious inside (as a racer I like the idea of the
tight fit of the waw, but not so practical or comfortable for everyday)
makes for lots of storage and comfort whilst riding - I can even remove a
layer without having to stop. The lights are super visible and well thought


"Anyway, with the Oregon winter weather I am very very happy to have my
little yellow beastie to keep me safe, warm and dry, thanks once again for
helping me get it (almost one year of ownership now!).


PS. New top speed of 93km/h the other morning!

If you want to know more about Rob and his bikes visit his site:

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