Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Borealis with hood

The Borealis with a hood for cold weather riding.  I have been working on this prototype for the last little while.  I was able to adapt part of the hood that fits on the Aurora and make it work on the Borealis.  The hood is large enough that I fit even with my helmet on.  This is somewhat important here were helmets are required.
The front windscreen flips open so you can see if it fogs up.  The two black foam bits create a small gap
between the hood and the lexan  allowing air to flow up the backside of the windcreeen.  This is quite effective at clearing any fogging off the  windscreen once you at moving at even modest speed.   While am am not a big fan of head in velomobiles this may be a good solution for the customer who has riding temperatures of -20C. 

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