Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cool eh?

Some years ago at one of the early Left Coast Velombile Gatherings in southern California I was riding along and saw a dark green convertible sport car coming towards me.  At the time I was  behind the group and riding by myself.  The scenery along this section of the coast was very pleasant and the normally brownish landscarp have a ting of green all over it. It had been a wet spring and the hills were green.   As the car got nearer he slowed down and we looked at each other over.  He waved and I waved and we both continued on with big smiles.  A little while later I finally figured out what the car was.  They are very rare up here in Canada but easily recognizable but the belt across the hood.  It was a new looking Morgan.  I looked it up when I got home and they are still in business making about 700 cars a year.  A very unusual car company where the normal model is to build lots of volume.  They have now been in business for 101 years which is quite an achievement.   Hopefully the day will come when velomobiles are less rare than Morgans!!

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