Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sprint shell progress

We have now made three of the five major parts for the Borealis shell that will fit on the Sprint trike.  Here is a picture on one that is just curing after having been bagged. 
The next step after it is hard enough is to trim the top edge of the part and add a flange that faces inwards.  This flange matches the one on the bottom half of the shell allowing you to assemble the parts by bolting them together.  Ideally we would like make the flange at the same time as the part but we have found it too complex and time consuming with a fairly high failure rate.  Our solution is to hand laminate the flange on after the part is hard.  If you were building for the lightest weight just bonding the top and the bottom together would be the way to go.  The problem with permanently bonding the top on is that access to the mechanical parts will be limited. 

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