Monday, January 10, 2011

Sneak Peak V3

Here's what the back end of the Borealis V3 looks like.
I am just doing a test fit of the top back to see how well its fits on the bottom  section.  Everything worked as planned  and the parts fit together well.  I have a new way of fitting the flange into the moulded parts so I wasn't sure how well it would all work out. In the picture it is only held together with a couple of vise grips on the inside. 

From the way its looking now there will be a lot less assembly to fit the Sprint  inside the shell than before.  You will only need to bolt the back top section, wheel well opening covers and the rear fender in place once the  trike is in the shell.  The shell will come with the bottom sections already assembled.  This is necessary as I am bonding the back edges of the bottom section together permanently.  I tried to use flanges here that could be bolted together but the back end it just to skinny for this to work well.   You cannot get the bolts close enough to the back edge of the flanges without putting access holes in the outside of the shell.  This is not something I am willing to do.  It may be possible to mould the parts with recesses at the back for bolts but having the two bottom sections separate doesn't make for much more compact shipping. For more compact shipping breaking the bottom of shell into two or more parts lenghtwise would work.

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