Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rain and the new sportcar car(pickup trucks)

I have a section where I ride along the highway for 3 km.  Last night is was particularly wet and dark so I was noticing the traffic go by more than normal.  The pickup trucks seemed louder than before but its always noisier along this section in the rain.  The highway has an 80 kph speed limit but mostly it more like 90 or a bit more.  The road has a modest shoulder mostly about 5 feet wide but narrower in some spots.  At the end of the flat section there is a traffic light which I normally have to stop for.  At the light the stop line for the cars is back a bit from the intersection and I have room to pull ahead of the traffic up to the crosswalk on the shoulder.  From here I can see the left turn light for on coming traffic change so I can time crossing the intersection a bit better than the cars.  I am normally across the intersection before most cars realise that they can go.  About half the time if there is a pickup sitting beside me at the light they give it extra gas to pass me.  This is especially bad when its a diesel truck.  I guess they think their truck is a sports car.  It used to annoy me a lot but now I just chuckle to myself when it happens.  In that one acceleration they used more hyrdocarbons than my velo will in a year.

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