Sunday, April 28, 2013

Milan GT almost completely done

Added the electrical panel a couple of days back.  Here is what it looks like.  It is just in front on my shoulder and very easy to reach with my right hand.  Nicely tucked out of the way  There is still space of the left wheel well to use for some other purpose. 
The turn signal switch is in the top of each steering lever.  Using the toggle switch there is very convenient location and I can still rest my hands on on top of the levers without triggering the signals.  The first switch is power on/off the next two control the headlights and the last one with the two LEDs above it is the running lights and turn signals.  To prolong battery life I can turn parts of the system off.  Turning on left and right signal lights is like having hazard lights. 

Just behind the seat on the bar supporting the rear fender is the battery.  Before I had the battery sitting on the floor but this is a better location.  The battery comes in a small pouch with a Velcro strap that makes hanging it here easy.  There would be room on the bar for at least three other battery packs.

This Milan does not have all lights the production version will have.  The rear light and brake light will normally be added into the back edge of velo below the rear handle.  The problem with adding them to this one is that I can't get inside to bond them in place without cutting a large hole in the bottom of the shell.  It is impossible to reach the back edge once the shell is assembled and the rear fender is in place.  They will have to be added before the top is bonded to the bottom.   The only other bits missing are the covers that go over the chain under and behind the seat.  Moulds for these are made but they need sanding and polishing.  


  1. It sounds like the back lights of the Milan will not be reachable for maintenance. LED's may have 'eternal' life, but problems due to moisture and mechanical damage (vibration) may make it necessary to do maintenance on them!

  2. Nice layout. I like that the turn signals are on the steering levers. Sounds like the turn signal is activated and it stays on until it is deactivated, I like that too. I was wondering why someone hadn't done emergency flashers like you just described. Using the turn signals to do it eliminates a switch for the emergency flasher. Is there a beeper that goes off to remind you that the turn signals are on? What kind of info can you tell us about the battery? Voltage? Run Time? Type?

  3. Getting access to the lights is possible but I would need to make a cover for the access hole. There is a space behind the rear fender that would be large enough. I have thought of maybe also putting a bar inside the shell here which you could run a chain around.

    All the lights run on 6V. I have it worked out so there is not need for resistors to run the LEDs. Not sure of the run time but if everything is on you would want a second battery if the trip was over a couple hours.