Monday, April 8, 2013

Last four moulds for Milan GT

The last four patterns almost ready for the moulds to be made from them.  The one on the left is the control panel which will have on/off, running lights/turn signals, one headlight and the other headlight switch with indicator LEDs mounted in it.  It will also have the control module and buzzer for the signal lights mounted in it.  It mounts just in front of my left shoulder high up on the shell.  This position minimizes the length of the wire runs.   The two in the middle are the chain covers that fit under the seat.  The right one is the right side storage compartment in front of the wheel well.   All the moulds have wide flange on them so I can bag or infuse them.  A couple of the parts would be a real struggle to do in a hand layup but that is mostly due to my impatience with hand laminating. 

The Milan SL patterns are now in my shop.  Once I have finished building these moulds for the GT we will be starting on building the moulds for the SL.  It does look quicker sitting next to the GT.  It is lower and thinner.  I can hardly wait to try it out.  The only problem may be that I may just be a little too tall for it.  I did manage to sit in the pattern so I now know that I have enough shoulder room but couldn't tell if my feet will fit.  It will be close thing in any case. 


  1. I'm a SL sized guy! Will the SL be coming with suspension front and rear?

  2. I noticed that you don't have a horn for the Milan. I'm not sure that a horn is all that important but wondered if the Milans came with a horn or not. I like the idea of the turn signals being in a place where you can find them. There are times in my Quest I can't find the switch for the turn signal in time to use it. I also wonder if the SL will have rear suspension if not then I would want to get a GT.

  3. Congratulations, Steve. We are really looking forward to your photos of the official release version. Best to you both.