Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Last Mould

I am presently working on the last mould--not really the last mould but the last needed to make the first Milan GT.  

Here you can see a trial fit of the door plug into the mould before making the return flange.  I am a bit worried that I may have to redo this mould if it does not fit well enough.  Having to press the plug into the mould I made it off of is not a good sign.  It may well work just fine but there is no way of telling until I make an actual part and fit it to the shell.  Progress has now sped up a bit as I finished the kayaks I had on order.  Here is a picture of them and the Milan GT plug.  If the Milans come out as nice as these kayaks I would be very pleased.

I have been walking by the Milan plug a few times every day for a while now.  The shape is growing on me.  When I first saw it on the internet I was doubtful about liking the shape.  This was until I saw it in person during ROAM.  It really does look much better in person than on a flat screen.  While some may like a simpler shape, the nice flowing curves remind me a bit of shapes found in classic old sports cars.  Depending on how the light hits it, it always looks a bit different.  My biggest decision will be what colour to build mine.  I am leaning towards the blue that is in the kayaks.  My second choice is white as it very visible and dresses up really well with a contrasting coloured stripe.  A distant third is a dark green much like British Racing Green.  The reason I won't go with the green is that it shows every little scratch.  Yellow is out as we build about 40% of our kayaks in it and while I like the colour I see too much of it.   

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  1. Now that really looks nice. I'm thinking I want a blue one also like the color of blue you see in some glaciers. I think I have seen the blue on some of your kayaks.