Saturday, August 6, 2011

More on Day One ROAM

The highlight of the day was an escorted trip down the freeway with no cars.  It was really neat to be riding the freeway with no cars in sight.  Thank you, Oregon Depatment of Transport.  The reason for this was that there is a short section of tunnel with no shoulders on the freeway.  ROAM and  another large organized ride were to pass through the tunnel at similiar times and they were worried about our safety.  Here are a couple of shots of what it looked like. 

In the first picture you can see the EVO R overtaking me.  I'll have more to say about this velo in a later post. 

The Pub parking strip in Cascade Locks

The last bit of the ride I zoomed into camp.  Knowing the end was near and feeling good I pushed it a bit.  However riding back to town for dinner I noticed the effect of this and the days riding. On the way to town I spotted a fruit stand on the side of the road and stopped to ask where there was a good place to eat.  The fellow wasn't sure where but recommended the burger joint.  I bought some cherries from him and continued into town.  All this without getting out of the velomobile.  First drive thru fruit stand I have been to.  In town I met Joseph and Nina waiting at the burger joint.  They were worried about leaving their velos at the Pub as it looked like you couldn't keep an eye on them while in the Pub as there were a butch of motorbikes parked out front.  I went to check it out and returned suggesting we go there as you could park the velos around the side and keep an eye on them if you sat at the corner window.  Joseph headed over and by then some of the motorbikes had left so he could park out front.  We go inside and lots of our group were already there having gotten  car rides into town. By the time we came out velomobiles had completely displaced the motorbikes.

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