Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Last Weekends Ride

On the spur of the moment I decided to go for a ride on the flatter island, Vancouver Island.  It was just about 1/2 an hour before the ferry left the island when I decided.  By the time I pumped up the tires found my repair kit and got going I had only 20 minutes left.  Just a little ways down the road I realized I forgot to take my battery from the charger.  By the time I turned around and got the battery I thought I won't make the ferry.  If I made the ferry I would ride on the other side if not just ride on the island.  I pushed pretty hard and had just enough time to make the ferry to get off the island.  This has to be my fastest trip ever to the ferry.  Maybe the reason is the small visor I made to try out.
As it turns out I didn't have it quite right as I still got a bit chilled going down hills at speed.  The back edge needs to be about an inch higher to deflect the onrushing air onto my helmet rather than my forehead.  The good part is that after coming off the first hill I was able to hold over 50 kph for quite a while.  This is about 2-3 kph more than before along this section.   I had the unusual situation of traffic not passing me as I was close to the speed limit.  Needless to say this didn't last.  It ended up being an excellent ride with the fastest two hour average ever at just over 35 kph.   I am lucky to get around a 25 kph average on Quadra Island.  It must have something to do with hills!!!

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  1. I like the looks of that visor better than the ones that I see Velcroed to the outside of the shell.