Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Glueing the Rain Gutter In

The gutter being glued in.  I had to make some special blocks to clamp it in place.  Just barely had enough spring clamps to do the job. I will most likely have to get more so I can glue both sides in at once.  The adhesive I use takes a few hours to set.   Here's what it looks like once the clamps are removed and the drain tube installed.

Closeup of the drain tube.  A bit of silicone seals it to the gutter and holds it in place on the side of the shell.  I shape the top of the tube with heat to fit the inside of the gutter and prevent it from pulling out of the gutter. 


  1. Now I see how it works. That is a great idea.

  2. Hi Steve,
    What is the maximum width available between the rain gutters where your shoulders would pass through when getting in and out of the velomobile?
    Nice work, everything looks top notch.
    Thank you.

  3. Do you sell those gutters? I'd be interested.