Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Here I am weighing the left side bottom part to see how much lighter the carbon/Kevlar part is than the glass part.  This part ended up weighing 2300g with a saving of 1160g.  There is still some potential for a bit less weight maybe 100-200g but that would have to be done carefully after seeing how this laminate works out.  The other two shell parts were a bit lighter with all three weighing in at 6.7 kg (14.74 lbs).

I have made the other major parts and the total weight saving is going to end up around 4 kg.  This will mean a finished weight of around 26-27 kg(57-59lbs) when equiped with 70 mm drum brakes and the lighter rims and tires. 


  1. Very good I like the lighter weight. Will both steering options be available? And is one lighter than the other? I'm leaning towards tank steering.

  2. Good work done!I like the way of you uploading the lighter weight.This one much better then others heavy racks.
    Steering Rack

  3. Looking good. Light is king in my book, plus good manners. Look forward to your reports down the road as options are optimized.