Monday, September 10, 2012

First Milan GT Shell

The first shell is now assembled.  It has been a long time getting to this point.  There is still quite a bit more to do before I can ride it.  All the bike bits need to be added.  The stripe along the side will be a custom cut reflective vinyl.  The lights and turn signals are still missing.  The hood and door moulds still need sanding and polishing. 
For the first one it has come out really well.  I am very pleased with the stiffness and the weight.  I did end up using some Kevlar and carbon fiber for reinforcing in selected areas.  It is still mostly a glass laminate.  For what I can tell it looks like the weight will be closer to what carbon velomobiles weigh than a glass one.    


  1. It looks beautiful. I like the colors too.

  2. indeed , it looks beautiful , the shape is almost like a orca/whale

  3. The shape looks more organic in this color scheme.

    Will you be putting in the same internals as the German Milan, or making some of your own modifications?

    - Jay Sha

  4. Steve,

    Looking at the shape, I think headlights would be perfect on the forward surfaces of the front bumps. it would lift them off the ground a bit and have the added benefit of looking like eyes. ;-)

    Beautiful job!


  5. it looks like one of those frog gummy candies my kids liked when they were young. Come to think of it I stll like them! Hmmm Relly nice shell!

  6. Really cool fairing! How much does it weigh?