Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Signal/Running Lights

This LED light is three 2W LED's  mounted on a heat sink and bonded inside the shell.  It is a bit painful to look at directly from less than 20 feet.  They look lots larger than the standard LED light used and are quite visible even in fun sun. 

Here you can see the clear casting sticking through the shell.  After bonding them to the inside of the shell I carefully sand it flush with the exterior.  After sanding to 600 grit I then polish it with cutting compound.  The result can be seen below.

If you look closely you can see the LEDs mounted on the white disk along with the red and black wires.  Even with the somewhat involved installation procedure these lights end up being the same or less work than our  previous ones.  On the previous ones I had to solder 16 resistors and 16 LEDs on a board and than cast clear resin around them to create the light.  After this was done you still had to cut a hole in the shell and bond them in place.  The new ones  are way brighter with the same energy consumption.  An added bonus is you can make them fit the shape of your velo perfectly.  Some hand eye co-ordination and patience required.  


  1. Are these for sale? How easy would they be to retro fit them to a Sinner Mango, for instance? I may be in the area late April, coming back from a trike gathering in sacremento around the 21. Would you be available to show a couple of weary travelers on their way back to Alberta around your shop? Will be in touch.
    Larry in Leduc

  2. They will eventually be available for sale. It will be a while yet as we have lots to do just getting our move finished. Fitting them in a Mango should be about the same as the set I fit into a WAW. If you stop by let me know in advance to be sure I am there.