Sunday, January 15, 2012

A bit more on the new Velo

Did a bit more on the new velo while waiting for some electrical work to be done in the new shop.  At first I though it was looking quite big until I lifted it off the sawhorses I had it sitting on and put it on the ground.  Once at ground level it was looking smaller than most velomobiles.   The amount of ground clearance at the front is actually larger than it looks as the shop floor slopes up to meet the doorway.   At the present size of the front with the bottom bracket at its present height there in no need for footholes or bumps to have heel clearance.  My shoe size is 44.   This way you can leave the bottom flat and very clean aerodynamically.   The bump behind the head is still too large and the shoulder width may be a bit excessive.  I will build the other side to match and then take a shape off the outside.  Once I have this layup done I can cut it into some parts so it will come off the pattern.  Then reassemble it and sit inside it to check out all the clearances.  


  1. "A bit more" he says. Sheesh! That is a lot of work, Steve! Very interesting shape. The design parameters and human engineering requirements do take one down similar roads - a la Milan and others. It will be fun to see that alongside one of your velos in order to get the sense of scale.

  2. I don't know, having both knee and foot bumps or knee and hand bumps seems like it would be better to raise the head so that you could fair in the bumps and be able to see over your feet.