Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Handle for moving your velomobile

I have a handle of the back of all the velomobiles we make.  I consider it an essential piece of equipment.  It came about after the first time I had to wheel the velomobile down a ramp onto the ferry behind the shop that used to cross the Fraser river to Fort Langley.  It almost got away from me as the ramp is pretty steep.  About half the time when I crossed the attendent allowed me to ride down the ramp with the motorbikes but you couldn't rely on this.  Bicycles were required to walk on and off the ferry.

This is the handle on the back of the Borealis.  A webbing strap with some rubber moulded around it.  It is held on with two bolts.  If you would like one for your velo we have some in stock. 

On the Borealis V3 the handle is a much more aero.  After making a very clean back edge is would be shame to mess it up with the webbing handle.  It is a cord that retracts inside the shell so it lies flush on the outside.  A piece of shock cord  inside the shell  pulls it flush. 
Here is a picture of with partially pulled out.

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