Thursday, December 9, 2010

New for Door for the Sprint
Have decided to add a small bump to the door so taller riders have more knee space.  I would just fit without the modification as its the same height as the Borealis V2.  I am 188 cm tall and have just 2-3mm clearance so added the bump will give me 10 mm or so.  Its not really fair calling it a bump as its the same height as the bumps running to the mirrors.  It does not change your vision to the side and still lets you see the road directly in front quite well.  One disadvantage of this change is that I will need to make a new mould for the wind deflector.   In the picture you can see one side has been done and I am now ready to start on the opposite side.   The first side is always quicker unless you have a hard time deciding on the shape.  Most of the work is in making the other side very similar to the first.  You can see a couple of lines drawn on the shape to help me in placing my profile gauge  when comparing the sides.  The other way we can make the model is to create it in the computer and then mirror it to get the second side.  You then have the model cut in foam on a CNC machine.  I have done this for some of my kayaks but the temptation to changes things a bit once you have the full size 3D model in front of you is sometimes great.   At least in this case yo are starting with two sides that are identical.

We have now built four of the five major moulds required for the new model.  The door is the last major mould.  It should be done next week if all goes well.  There are some other small moulds still needed but those can't be made until we have parts out of the ones we are working on now. 

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